“You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from scratch once again.”  - Bikram Choudhury

Claire B.

Claire B. instructs the following:
  • yin yoga /60 min
  • Yin Yoga is a challenging yet quiet form of yoga.  It is a perfect compliment to all forms of exercise.  Yin is a form of hatha yoga designed to stretch and release connective tissue in the hips, shoulders, and spine.  It works really well with your bikram yoga practice (yang yoga) as they are practiced with opposite intentions.  Intention of yin yoga is to relax muscles to exercise joints and tissues.  Yin yoga will leave you feeling rejuvenated, not depleted.  All levels are welcome, try it!  
    The room temperature is set to a  a very comfortable, 98 degrees.

  • bikram yoga / 90 min
  • Bikram Yoga, the original “Hot Yoga,” is a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a specific order. Each posture, or asana, is a challenge based on your own personal ability. The postures are the same in every class; it is your body and mind that will change and make your experience in each class different.  
    Try it, we love first timers!

  • bikram yoga 75 min w/ music
  • This is a 75-minute, Bikram Yoga class practiced with varied music selections.
    The express class is the same pace as the 90 minute class however some postures we will do one set instead of two. The express class is a great way to get your practice in if you are running short on time. All levels are welcome.